MADE-TO-ORDER - Scale your Managed IT Services without adding cost

Purpose-built for MSPs and VARs, our services can be easily adapted to your unique needs. We’ll help you discover how to solve the ultimate managed IT services riddle – how to grow your business without growing your IT staff.

We'll extend to you new and complimentary revenue streams, from simple-to-use, easy-to-sell bundles; with several tiers of discounts and multiple ways to partner with us.

You can REFER or RESELL (white-label as your own or co-brand with us) at any sales volume; your sales volume dictates the level of commission you are entitled to.

Sales, support, marketing resources and enablement tools in our exclusive Partner Portal - all available to you at no charge and included in every bundle.

Made to Order

IaaS Cloud and DRaaS Platform integration at your fingertips

With hardware and software, there is always that ‘refresh’ moment when the equipment needs replacement. It’s an opportunity for a new sale and also a potential reason for your client to look to take their business elsewhere.

With Disty Portal, our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions are fully integrated.

This means that as your clients move their infrastructure to the Cloud, in part or in whole, you can easily create, manage and monitor your clients’ virtual or physical servers from the same platform; we allow you to offer your clients physical, virtual or mixed options; seamless hybrid flexibility.

One of our other trusted partners is OVH - the 3rd largest Internet Service Provider in the world; we host your clients at their Canadian facility - the world's LARGEST Data Center, located just outside Montreal, Quebec.

Plus, utilize our Data Protection Platform - the most advanced in the world. Backed by our relationship with Infrascale, you can offer your existing and new prospective clients a full range of onsite, offsite and hybrid products (like Cloud Failover Appliances and Data Protection Appliances - all with proprietary built-in US Military-grade security).

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Your Confidence is Backed by Disty Portal

You and your technicians will be quickly and easily trained on how to access our simple-to-use tools and dashboards, for cloud and backup management. As our partner, our team becomes an extension of yours, so you can leverage our technical expertise as your own. We’ll help you sell and service our products to your clients, making you an expert in cloud infrastructure management.

Does this sound familiar? Hear our solutions!

"As an MSP, I want to make more money without increasing my I.T. staff or my overhead costs."


Then you need to multiply your results and not your efforts.  We'll be an extension of your I.T. team and you can instantly offer new Cloud, Hosting and Backup offerings without any contracts or commitments. Charge your clients for new services without having to setup, manage or bill them.  Let us do all the heaving lifting for you and reward you for the relationship with an incredible compensation plan.  All our bundled offerings include support and full access to our Partner Portal and all Resources Centers within, so you can choose to create the Sales and Marketing materials you need to white label our offerings and have us create a 5-star, white-glove experience for you and your clients.


"I want a way to go back to my existing clients, as well as, future clients, and offer them new products & services that are very interesting and needed to them; and very easy to setup, use and profitable to me."


There's so much new and needed I.T. to offer clients that we've put it all together in one key area for you. It's powerful enough so that regular visitors to the site you won't be able to see it because it's secured. We've created a password protected Partner Portal that is full of Sales and Marketing collateral, and other areas of interest, to help you grow your business.  Our technical staff is ready to fully assist in the onboarding of new clients - making hosted infrastructure, DRaaS and Backup easy to setup.  We'll take care of the billing and support - unless you'd prefer to support and set them up yourself; then we'll support you. You can Refer business to us or you can Resell with us (either white labeled or co-branded) at several different levels of payouts from 10% to 30% and up of the sticker price on what you then Resell to you clients.


"I have no time for extra training or a lengthy on-boarding process, for either my MSP or my clients. I need something that is push-button simple and fast, so that my staff spends next to no time on setups, installs, upkeep and support."


Disty Portal Inc. will train your staff in our simple-to-use interfaces and dashboards, so you can setup and support your own client, with your own billing if you'd like to white label our offerings, or, if you prefer you can let us take that off your plate too and utilize our highly skilled, trained, certified, plus very friendly I.T. staff.  They will contact and setup your client, create the billing and provide support, plus cut you a commissions check - all within 24 hours of an order being placed.  Now that's fast and easy, and that's important to help you scale and ramp up the new services offerings to as many existing and new clients that you can.


"I want something that can't be easily broken down, like an itemized invoice; I don't want my client to be able to easily calculate my costs."


Our bundles include support, full access to the Partner Portal and all the Resource Centers within, backup with upgrade options to full DRaaS and great Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Dedicated Servers and other hosted infrastructure.  There are too many moving parts for most professionals to be able to figure out what costs what; so most end-user clients couldn't possible calculate your costs.  Disty Portal will create a MSRP price sheet for you to show your clients, with a Street Price that you can show and sell them.  An example would be our basic VPS package that comes with hosting, 100GB backup, support and Partner Portal access for MSRP $269/mth.  Street Price is $199/mth; a 25% savings off MSRP that you can offer the client.  You get paid on whatever the client pays - and the commissions are from 10% to 30% and up; the more clients you have and the higher volume of bundles you sell them the more you get paid.


"I want the option to be able to pick, client by client - case by case, how I will sell to my clients; whether I'll White-label the offerings as my own, Co-brand them or just refer the business and get a cut for it."


No problem.  Just advise us on if you'd like us to set up, support and bill your client or if you'd like to do that yourself. The resources in the Partner Portal can supply you with the proper Sales and Marketing materials to make your sales cycle even faster and easier.   We can onboard your clients or assist you in onboarding them - at your discretion.  Our staff can guide you through the Partner Portal, help you with pre-sales and technical support to make the sale faster and easier, and make your team look bigger if you are white labeling; as we support you and you support your clients.  If you are co-branding, then we make you look like the big boss as we setup, support and bill your clients - as strategic partners, something your clients will appreciate.


"I want a product / service that can be charged close to MSRP for my client but is deeply discounted for me to resell."


Our offerings are price-discounted from our MSRP list prices by at least 25%, so you can always discount off MSRP to your clients, and still make maximum commissions with minimal efforts.  You will not be paid on the Gross Profit or Net Profit or some strange calculation that you need a math degree to decipher.  You will be paid from 10% - 30%+ (depending on the monthly volumes you bring in) off the sales price - meaning the price the client is billed at is the same price you get your commissions from - right off the top!


"From Reseller To Solutions Provider In 3 Steps" article written by Natan Verkhovsky, published in Business Solutions online magazine