Merchant cash advance works by converting future credit and debit card sales into working capital that you can use for your business today, which can be used for any business purpose. 

Our Business Loan Program works by looking at the total revenue in sales that your business did from all sources of revenue, including plastic cards, cash and checks. This program is great for merchants that don't have enough or any plastic card sales such as manufacturers, wholesalers and others

Merchant cash advance is a great for businesses that that use credit or debit transactions, are faced with a short-term cash crunch and require temporary extra cash to use as a cash injection into their business, increasing their bottom-line down the road.  It can be used to take advantage of inventory deals, seasonal staffing or debt management.  It’s up to you; it can be used for any business purpose.

Repayment amount and schedule is determined by a small and manageable percentage of each day’s debit/credit card sales solely, not on cash and cheques that your business may also receive.  So, on slower days, your payments are lower, and when business is busier, more is repaid, all still keeping the same percentage of repayment.