It's all in the Relationships - Think of us as YOUR Service Provider

Our relationships with major Manufacturers, Publishers, Cloud Providers and Distribution Channel Partners give you unparalleled time & cost savings in sourcing and procurement.

Our Access to Hardware and Software Manufacturers and Publishers - New, Used, Refurbished – provide you significant time and cost-savings.

Our Cloud Offerings give you the edge - onsite, offsite or hybrid.

While you focus on core competencies that produce revenue, we’ll free you from cost and labor challenges – Helping you develop more accounts, improve resource utilization and expand your services portfolio.

The Future is in the Safety of the Clouds

Cloud computing is growing at the expense of on-premise server and network infrastructures. Already 40% of small and medium sized businesses rely in part or completely on the cloud. By 2020, cloud computing revenue will grow by more than 500%.

We are here to help you get your share of that revenue. Our Platforms and Programs are created specifically for MSPs and VARs to use with their clients.

Cumulus clouds are wet but IaaS clouds are sticky. As IaaS becomes an integral part of your customer's business, it becomes a great foundation for a long-term business relationship with you.

Moving to the Cloud is a Win-Win for you and your customers.  It's cheaper, safer and faster for them; they pay only for what they use and can quickly scale up or down. They gain security and reliability of our world-class secure cloud facilities and it gives you a recurring, monthly billing new revenue stream.



The future is in the clouds



We are a Re-Distributor of New, Used & Refurbished Hardware/Software, as well as, for Cloud Hosting and Services including online Backups and DraaS.

Our services are specifically priced and packaged for MPSs and VARs, either to REFER or RESELL, as new revenue streams.


We have programs for those that want to earn additional income becoming ADVISORS and refer clients to us.

We also cater to those who want to expand their service offerings by becoming RESELLERS, either White-Labeling or Co-Branding our services, as new or complimentary revenue streams.

We make procurement, billing, setup and support easy and profitable; that’s why our clients care.


We built our programs and services with the Reseller in mind, from the ground up, not as an afterthought or as a way to garnish more profit.

The Reseller’s ease of entry, simplicity to setup and ability to scale up and out are all integrated in a one-stop shop that automates, and simplifies, the procurement process.


MSPs and VARs that do not offer the full spectrum of managed or hosted services, or are limited in their cloud offerings, can now do so through us. Those that already offer backups and hosting can now offer them in another flavor with new profit margins.

We have already forged the relationships and created the marketing materials, the pricing tiers and support mechanisms; we've already done it for you and is ready for you to take advantage of.